Face Candy is determined to provide skin care solutions backed by science, never gimmicks.

❤We trust and believe in...❤

❤ Organic ingredients (when available)

❤ Fair Trade ingredients (when available)

❤ Pure ingredients (no fillers here!)

❤ Wild harvested ingredients

❤ All natural colors

❤ Safe synthetics

❤ Herbal extracts

❤ Peptides

❤ Therapeutic grade essential oils

❤ All natural fragrance oils

❤ Delicious, all natural, lip smacking flavors

❤ All natural, organic sweeteners

❤ All natural nourishing oils and butters, absent of fillers and minimally processed 

❤ Highest recommended percentage of active ingredients (by industry standards). For example: When clinical trials are performed with a specific ingredient at 2%-5% and the outcome was favorable... We use 5% of said active ingredient... we want your Face Candy products to have the highest concentrations of the best ingredients out there and we want YOU to see a more healthy skin. You'll never catch us adding a drop of this and a drop of that just so we can add it to our ingredient list.

 ❌We'll never use or condone...❌

❌ GMO's

❌ Parabens 

❌ Gluten 

❌ Animal testings

❌ Oxybenzone (Save our coral reefs!)

❌ Phthalates

❌ Formaldehyde

❌ Artificial color 

❌ Artificial flavor

❌ Over Selling... It's about keeping it simple, you shouldn't dread your skin care regimen because you have a bazillion steps. We'll only suggest the products you NEED and help you prioritize for what's realistic for your active lifestyle. The last thing we want is Face Candy just sitting on your shelf. If you're buying it, we want you to use it.

❌ We will NEVER, EVER, EVER auto draft your account... When you want more, just order more... We'll never do it for you.

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